Being the most celebrated city for both branded and non branded shopping, Hyderabad brings out the latent shopper in all of us.
We sat down and listed some very common buying behavior which all of you must relate to.

Tell us which ones describe you the most:




1. Do you keep checking your wallet to see how much you are left with?

You tend to buy so much other than what you came for and keep doing that mental math to check how much you actually have to buy what you needed in the first place.
It is highly unlikely that you actually have the money to buy that pair of shoes or sandals you came in the market for.



2. Do you like everything you see?

Your heart breaks when you cannot buy something that you like. And that something, is generally everything!
You gape and exclaim “wow” for everything you see, especially when it is seemingly impossible to buy.
From a mobile phone to a keychain, you have super powers to like everything.




3. Do you shop for unnecessary stuff?

“Ahh.. that is such powerful fragrance of perfume”, “But who spends that kind of money on a perfume?!”, “When will I ever get such fragrance again?
I think it is best to buy it rather than regretting it later”… This is the usual chain of thoughts that lead to unrestrained and unnecessary shopping!




4. Do you have a virgin stack of clothes?

There are surely a lot of dresses which haven’t even seen daylight as of yet, still packed and tags intact. You can’t even count those innumerable branded dresses you bought for no reason. In spite of the loaded cupboard with brand new apparel, you will still have nothing to wear for that party next weekend.



5. What did I come to the market for?

What you actually go for in the market to buy is grocery, but you are suddenly driven to a different side of the market, one which is more shiny and glamorous.
A shirt, a trouser and a pair of shoes take you completely off your original shopping list.




6. Do you feel excited to try on everything you just bought?

You just bought a dress and your heart doesn’t stop pounding until you get home and try it on, especially if it is shopped from the street.
You are so ecstatic that you don’t even eat or drink until you see yourself in that outfit from each and every angle and tell your family & friends all about it.


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